Yoga for Health and Chronic Pain

Successfully Manage Chronic Pain with Yoga, Meditation and Breath and Regain Your Quality of Life

Chronic pains can be caused by various issues such as: a sedentary job, auto accidents, injuries, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, cancer and multiple sclerosis. Chronic pain can worsen over time and negatively affect other areas of the body if it isn't healed and managed properly. It can also prevent us from living our best life and having quality of life. The great news is that chronic pain can be minimized and successfully managed using yoga, yogic stretches, yogic breath techniques and meditation. But for many who suffer from chronic pain, it is difficult to participate in an hour long or more yoga class. And depending on the severity of the pain, an hour long yoga or exercise class can worsen the symptoms.

This course is a structured, 16 week course, where students can learn and apply the tools taught in the course to successfully manage chronic pain and re-gain quality of life using a whole body stretch routine, yoga, yogic breath and meditation. There are no start or end times for the course making this online course flexible to all students. And the weekly plans start students at a gentle 10-15 minute routine. The course can be completed in 4 months but students can take as much as time as needed to complete the course. This online course includes video tutorials, video presentations, modification videos, course content, weekly practice plans, a downloadable 50 page how-to yoga book, a downloadable track/schedule, downloadable progress sheet and a downloadable 8 week post course yoga plan.

The instructor for this course is Juanita Street. Read her Bio below. Juanita is a 200 hour Level 1 certified Yoga Instructor, an experienced Yoga Therapist and a certified Health Coach. She used to work in a medical clinic in Centennial, CO alongside physicians to help patients with chronic pains. Juanita has also successfully recovered from an auto accident in her late twenties and is now successfully managing her Multiple Sclerosis using lifestyle and wellness therapies including yoga.

For more information, check out our FAQ section below. Also to contact the instructor, email: [email protected]

NOTE: This online course is not structured for individuals in Wheelchairs. We are looking to develop an online Chair Yoga course that will go-live in 2018.

Your Instructor

Juanita Street
Juanita Street

Juanita grew up with PTSD since childhood, experienced chronic pain throughout her adult life due to a vehicle accident, multiple sclerosis and arthritis, and she was diagnosed with MS in 2013. She almost ended up on disability twice (once due to the MS and the second time due to the MS meds). She also struggled with reading comprehension problems, social relational issues and communication problems due to her PTSD, anxiety and depression. She overcame her issues one at a time using art therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, complementary & alternative medicine, and lifestyle medicine. Juanita is off all medications now and only uses herbal and whole-food supplements. She runs twice a week, training for a 10k and half marathon. She continues to practice and teach yoga, works a full-time job while helping people through her health coaching business and online health courses, and goes hiking and kayaking on the weekends. She reduced her chronic pain and MS symptoms by 90%, regaining her quality of life. Juanita also overcame her learning issues and is currently getting her second Masters degree in Military Psychology.

Juanita is a 200 hour certified Level 1 Yoga Instructor, an experienced Yoga Therapist and a certified Health Coach. Juanita used to work in a medical clinic in Centennial, Colorado, partnering with physicians and physician assistants in the treatment of patients and their chronic illnesses using yoga therapy, meditation and yogic breath therapy, before starting her own practice. She has been coaching clients since 2005, and have found new ways of supporting individuals in health improvement and empowerment.

Course Curriculum

  Practice 3: Standing Poses
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Practice 4: Forward Bends
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Practice 6: Back Bends
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Practice 8: Continuing the Practice
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need clearance from my physician to participate in this program?
Anytime you start an exercise program, even if it's a beginner and/or a restorative yoga program, you will want to get clearance from your physician and/or neurologist before getting started.
Do I need certain supplies for this course?
Yes. Here's what you will need: a computer or laptop, smartphone, Smart TV, or tablet to access the online course. Also a high speed internet connection for video playback. A yoga mat, yoga block, yoga belt and a thick/dense foldable blanket.
Is there a web browser that should be used more than another. I'm having trouble logging into the course and using my Promo Code.
Certain browsers are not conducive for our online courses. The best web browsers to use to access SCG Health courses are: Chrome and Safari. Also, check your web browser's pop-up blocker settings. If the pop-up blocker is on, the Redeem Coupon pop-up box will not appear.
How is the yoga taught in this online workshop? What are the different tools used to teach the course?
A combination of video instruction, video presentations, modification videos, downloadable handouts, course content/text, and weekly practice plans are used to teach yoga. In the course, students will learn yogic breath techniques, a whole body stretch routine, meditation and yoga poses.
When does the course start and finish?
There are no start or end times for the course. This online program is a self-study course. The course is structured to be completed in 16 weeks but student have access to the course with the monthly or annual subscriptions.
Are the videos, course text and handouts downloadable?
The handouts are downloadable. The course text/content and videos are not.
If someone has a recent injury or is recovering from surgery, can they take this course?
Even though this course is teaching yoga for chronic pain management and improvement, it's not a good idea to practice stretches and yoga immediately following an injury and/or surgery. Always consult with your physician first before starting any fitness program, including restorative programs.
How long does it take to complete the course?
The course is structured to be completed in 16 weeks (4 months), but students have access to the course as long as students subscribe to the monthly or annual Health Empower Program plan.
If I have any concerns or questions while taking the course, how do I contact the instructor?
Email: [email protected] and in the subject line write: Yoga for Chronic Pain Course Question.
Can I receive a yoga teacher certification after taking this course?
No. This is not a teacher certification course.
I am in a wheelchair. Can I take this online course?
Unfortunately, this Yoga for Chronic Pain online course is not structured for individuals in wheelchairs.

This course is closed for enrollment.