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This is a new feature for SCG's Health Empowerment Program and is only accessible to program subscribers. Access previous Q/A Discussions recorded on Podcast style audio (or video) recordings. The Questions are from enrolled students as well as SCG's Facebook members. The Q/A will discuss everything and anything from healthy eating, yoga, exercise/fitness, stress management, health coaching, life coaching etc. This is a great resource that we just added. If you have any questions pertaining to the mentioned subjects, or questions on any of the online courses - please send them to StudentServices@StreetCoachingGroup.com with the Subject Line: Q/A Question. The questions for this Q/A feature is also pulled from Discussion forums in the online courses as well as comments on SCG's Facebook posts.

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Juanita Street
Juanita Street

Juanita is a 200 hour certified Level 1 Yoga Instructor, an experienced Yoga Therapist and a certified Health Coach. Juanita started her yoga practice working in a medical clinic in Centennial, Colorado, partnering with physicians and physician assistants in the treatment of patients and their chronic illnesses using yoga therapy, meditation and yogic breath therapy. Juanita also earned her MBA in Health Administration degree from University of Colorado Denver in 2010. She has coached clients on health and wellness since 2005. Juanita has used lifestyle and wellness therapies (including a clean eating diet, yoga, yoga therapy, fitness, meditation, yogic breath techniques, and art therapies) to heal and successfully manage her PTSD, chronic pain after an auto accident in her late twenties and multiple sclerosis (diagnosed in her early thirties). Juanita believes she has experienced psychological, physical and neurological sickness her whole life for a reason, "It's difficult to understand and help those who are sick, unless you've been sick too. I needed to heal myself first so as to understand how to heal and help others improve their health and achieve a high quality of life."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit questions for the Q/A Topics?
SCG gets questions from the online course discussion forums as well as comments made in SCG's Facebook posts. Enrolled students can also submit questions to: StudentServices@streetcoachinggroup.com, to be featured on Q/A Topics.
How quickly will SCG answer questions?
Questions are answered within 24 hours either in the course discussion forums (where the question was asked) or privately in an email. If the question is a general question that can pertain to all students, then the answers are shared in the Q/A Topics which comes out each week.
What types of questions can be asked?
Questions pertaining to the subject matter taught in the online courses as well as questions pertaining to health, wellness, getting and staying motivated, setting intentions, facing obstacles and challenges to achieving health, etc. Questions must pertain to general health and wellness and ways to achieve that health and wellness.

This course is not open for enrollment.