Nutrition for Healthy Living

What we eat and drink can either promote disease or it can promote health. Diseases begin on a molecular level deep within the cells. In order to heal on a molecular and cellular level - nutrition is key.

The course includes the following lessons and action plans:

  1. Understanding the food, health and disease connection.
  2. Kitchen, Refrigerator and Pantry Audit
  3. Food Journal
  4. Understanding what are "Healthy" Foods
  5. Label Reading and How to Shop Healthy
  6. Easy Meal Planning, Food Prep and Cooking Healthy
  7. Live Transformation
  8. Bonus Resources and Coaching

The course is taught using video presentations, video tutorials, content/text, weekly action plans, discussion forums, and downloadable handouts.

Course content will be added on a weekly basis starting 08/15/18 until course completion.

Your Instructor

Juanita Street
Juanita Street

Juanita is a 200 hour certified Level 1 Yoga Instructor, an experienced Yoga Therapist and a certified Health Coach. Juanita started her yoga practice working in a medical clinic in Centennial, Colorado, partnering with physicians and physician assistants in the treatment of patients and their chronic illnesses using yoga therapy, meditation and yogic breath therapy. Juanita also earned her MBA in Health Administration degree from University of Colorado Denver in 2010. She has coached clients on health and wellness since 2005. Juanita has used lifestyle and wellness therapies (including a clean eating diet, yoga, yoga therapy, fitness, meditation, yogic breath techniques, and art therapies) to heal and successfully manage her PTSD, chronic pain after an auto accident in her late twenties and multiple sclerosis (diagnosed in her early thirties). Juanita believes she has experienced psychological, physical and neurological sickness her whole life for a reason, "It's difficult to understand and help those who are sick, unless you've been sick too. I needed to heal myself first so as to understand how to heal and help others improve their health and achieve a high quality of life."

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