Have you ever gone onto a health web site and wondered if the information you are reading is accurate and reliable? How does one know which site to go to if, say you want to read up on a particular illness or check out your symptoms? I’m baffled at just how much information is out there and I become confused about the reliability of the source. The following is a list of sites I use for reliable information. As with all web sites, they are to be used for informational purposes and not as a means of diagnosing. You will see that disclaimer on all the sites. These sites are for your education and only your doctor can determine through tests and evaluation what the best treatment is for you.

By the way, I do not receive any incentives to mention these websites. They are available to anyone who uses the internet.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) – this site will give you scientific medical research information, Health Info Lines, resources for complementary and integrative health, how to talk to your doctor information and much more.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - offers disease and condition information, travelers health, emergency preparedness and healthy living.

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) - has a section on “Herbs at a Glance”. Health topics from A-Z. What do the terms Complementary, Integrative and Alternative mean? Safety Information.

Web MDthis site has a symptom checker, finding information on drugs and supplements, Drug basics and safety, and you can read expert perspectives on popular topics.

Mayo Clinicalso a site that has a symptom checker. I find this to be a more comprehensive symptom checker. See the clinic trials conducted. Healthy life style topics.

Dr Mercola – will give you a different perspective on many health related topics. Also a Pet tab, all about keeping your pet healthy.

Healthywomen.org – find the information about the impact that salt and sugar have on your diet. Many health related topics for women.

Womenheart.org - Heart health site for women.

National Institute of Mental Health – health and education on mental illness, clinical trials and educational sources.