The future is unknown. That is true. But does that mean we give up and let whatever come, come. Or do we do our best every day to learn, grow and live better than yesterday?

I found out last summer of 2017 that a friend from high school (let's call her Jane) was going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer. She had several surgeries to remove tumors throughout her body. She was my age. As a health coach, I knew what needed to be done to strengthen her immune system to give her body a fighting chance while toxins were being continuously pumped into her body with the chemo and radiation. I knew that with a majority of cancer survivors, cancer relapses within five years after completion of treatments. The reason is the immune system is terribly weakened and toxins from the treatments are building up in the body, damaging more cells. So cancer almost always returns within five years.

I've already worked with one friend, Shelly, years ago who was going through cancer treatments to help strengthen her immune system. I taught her how to eat healthy, and provided her with the whole food supplementation needed for the added micronutrients to help heal her damaged cells. She also came to my yoga classes to strengthen her body. She is still alive and flourishing today.

So I offered my help to Jane. I told her I knew of several ways to help her and strengthen her and asked if she wanted to get together to learn more about what I could do for her. I had several tools and methods for strengthening her body and immune system. I wanted her to live. Surprisingly, my friend refused. She said she wasn't interested, but thanked me for offering. I respect people's decisions. So if someone isn't open to learning, I respect that choice.

I assumed Jane would be fine until one evening a few days before Christmas I saw a FB post. Her mom posted on her daughter's FB page that she died that morning. I was in shock. Even though I knew she was battling cancer all year - I was still in shock. What else could I have done?

That's the thought that went through my head that night.

And then another thought came to me. What if she had said YES? What if she had said yes to learning what could be done to help her survive cancer and prevent a relapse from occurring? What if she had said yes to being coached in improving her lifestyle one step at a time with my support to ensure a healthier future? What if?

People on Facebook commented that there is no way to know what the future would've been if she had said yes. And wellness treatments don't help with cancer.

What people consider "wellness" treatments can be a multitude of modalities. Acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage, nutrition, yoga therapy, fitness, herbal treatments, accupressure, aromatherapy, water tank flotation therapy, salt treatments, essential oils, meditation, vitamins, whole food supplementations, detoxes...the list goes on. There are a plethora of wellness treatments BUT not all are effective for the specific type of illness or condition. Some can actually make certain illnesses worse. Some are neutral and some are effective. It depends on the illness and the sequence and type of treatments. So to make a blanket statement that all wellness therapies don't work on cancer and cancer survivors is false.

It's about understanding where disease begins. A majority of non-communicative diseases begin on a molecular level deep within our cells. It begins in our atoms. I know this. I learned this from multiple physician lectures, health conferences spanning several years, health books and even my own health coaching certification program. And food (specifically, the various and colorful raw fruits and vegetables) have the antioxidants to heal the body on a molecular and cellular level. But it's not just nutrition. Yoga therapy also plays a huge part. As does proper supplementation (for cellular health) and stress management (affecting the central nervous system which can also produce a disease or health response).

So it's true we don't know what could've happened if she had said yes. Nothing is for certain. She may have still died. BUT and this is a very powerful but - she may not have. She could have lived. The sad part about all of this is - we'll never know. It could have been different if she had said yes. There is a chance. And is that chance - no matter how small - not worth fighting for? Is that not a reason enough to say - Yes?

My friend, Shelly, who is now flourishing and living life after cancer said Yes to learning and then Yes to trying different ways to practice healthy living. Unfortunately she has lost some of the friends who were going through chemo and radiation treatments with her. Cancer came back for them. And they didn't make it the second time.

I cannot stress enough to people - the power of learning. What we know can save us. What we don't know could kill us. All we have to do is say YES to learning and be open to learn. After that we have a choice to say Yes or No to taking actions that could benefit our health or not. But first is to say YES to learning and be open to learn. There is no cost to learning, that exceeds loss. Learning is always a gain, a benefit. So I hope everyone chooses to say YES to learning when given the opportunity. Just say Yes - show up - learn - and then decide.