How do you stay fit during the holiday season when you'd rather stay snuggled up in bed, comfortable under the flannel sheets, reading a good book by the open fire, and drinking marshmallow topped hot chocolate? Sigh. Working out, sweating, huffing and puffing and running about does not seem enticing during the holidays. BUT exercise is absolutely important to maintain health and a strong immune system. So is there a way to work out this holiday season and enjoy the holiday feel at the same time? YES!

The Top 5 Workouts for the Holidays:

1. Indoor Track or Treadmill Jogging: Some gyms have indoor tracks and all gyms have treadmills. Put earphones in your ears and listen to Christmas music while running OR you can listen to an audio book that still gives you that warm feeling around the holidays. For me it's Harry Potter. I love reading Harry Potter and listening to the audio books around the holidays. Why? I don't know. But it works for me. And the important thing is to find what works for you. I've been jogging the indoor track at my gym listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

2. And speaking of fire - Yoga by the Fire: If you have a fireplace whether it's wood or gas, use it! Put on warm yoga wear and practice yoga by the fire and a hot cinnamon or lemon tea nearby for hydration. You could even have instrumental holiday music playing while practicing yoga. And if you have cable TV or Netflix but no fireplace - put on the fireplace channel on your TV :-)

3. Walking around downtown or in the mall: If it's a nice weather outside, walk downtown at night for about an hour and enjoy all the holiday decorations. If it's snowing or if it's too cold, some malls open early 2-3 hours before any stores open. You see a lot of walkers in the mall walking around and getting their exercise and enjoying the holiday decorations at the same time. My best friend and I sometimes walk the malls early Saturday morning when it's snowing here in Colorado. And I love dining out in downtown Denver during the holidays but I always make sure to walk for about an hour after the meal and enjoy the downtown Denver holiday lights.

4. Working out dressed as Santa!: Yes you read that correctly :-) Sometimes it's fun to meet friends for a workout and get in the holiday cheer by being stupid, funny and cheesy. Get on your workout clothes but put on a Santa hat and white beard and play basketball (one team is Santa, the other team of friends are dressed up as Elves). You can also dress up like this and play outdoor tennis, soccer (indoor or outdoor), or volleyball. *** By the way if you choose this option, I would love to see pictures posted on Street Coaching Group's Twitter and Facebook pages :-)

5. Sign up for holiday races; This is the most fun during the holiday season. Check out 5k races near you. Here in Denver we have the Ugly Sweater Run and the Christmas Carol run where carolers, orchestra, and Santa line up along the race path cheering runners on. We also have Rudolph the Reindeer run. So lots of holiday races (and you can walk the 5k races as well).

Enjoy the holidays while staying fit!