Stress & Pain Management



70% of all diseases are preventable – this is a strong consensus amongst the medical and health communities. It takes time to develop pain and stress. There are tangible tools anyone can practice to manage stress and pain. SCG is focused on empowering individuals with the tools and education to take control of their health and maintain that health for life. Our individualized health and wellness coaching programs are wellness based using an integrative approach of exercise and wellness therapies.

HOW IT WORKS: We offer individualized health and wellness coaching programs in stress management, pain management and healing from trauma. SCG uses the following techniques: yoga, yoga therapy, exercise therapy, meditation, breathing techniques (pranayama), art therapy (2-D art, dance, acting, voice, music), and life coaching. The program is paid for on a monthly basis and includes 4, 1-hour sessions each month. All of our programs are $280/month. Individualized Stress and Pain Management programs are offered at 2323 South Troy Street, (Iliff Office Park, Building 3, Suites 107 and 108), Aurora, CO 80014 (Iliff Office Park at Vast Wellness Center).


Stress Management: Stress can contribute to a multitude of health problems such as: cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, systemic inflammation, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, asthma, sleep disorders, etc. Stress can be caused by a number of problems from financial troubles, job stress, relationship stress, health issues and family troubles. Managing stress is an extremely important tool to learn to not only help prevent and manage disease but also to maintain a peaceful and happy state of mind.  Coping with the everyday ups and downs of life is essential to maintaining lifelong health.

Pain Management: Even those who are young as college students (and even younger) are now showing signs of chronic muscular pains such as low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and hip pain. There are also many who suffer from arthritis pains, fibromyalgia and emotional pains such as depression and anxiety. If pain isn’t managed properly (addressing the root causes of the pain), the problems causing the various pains can travel to other parts of the body and become worse. Emotional pains can contribute to physical pains and physical pains can contribute to emotional pains. It is one body and when one aspect of that body becomes negatively affected, slowly but surely, other parts become negatively affected as well. SCG focuses mainly on exercise therapy and a smaller percentage on wellness therapies (such as meditation and breath) to teach clients how to manage pain.

Healing Trauma: Trauma such as war, sexual assault, vehicular accident, death, illness, and medical procedures can affect the physical body as much as the emotional body. Trauma can be ingrained into our very muscles, cells, organs and skin. Depending on the trauma, our body’s posture, alignment, muscle imbalance and skin sensitivity can all show signs of trauma. Yoga, exercise therapy, stretching, breathing techniques and meditation are taught to help clients move through the trauma and release the trauma from the body.


SCG Stress and Pain Management programs are not a substitute for medical care or counseling. SCG does not diagnose or cure problems. This program is for individuals who have already seen a medical professional, acquired a diagnosis and want to try alternative therapies to manage stress and pain. The program is for individuals who are ready to empower their lives, take control of their health and are committed to learning and practicing those tools to achieve health success. SCG Programs are designed as a once a week 1 hour session which includes learning step by step tools to manage stress and pain. Clients are given “assignments” every week to be completed the following week and both the coach and client work together to create a program individualized to the needs of the client and track progress through the weeks.


To learn more about our Individualized Stress and Pain Management Programs or to get started, call Juanita Street at 720-985-6424 or email at A 15 minute complimentary phone consultation is provided if you have any questions or concerns.

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