Bootcamp: Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

Highly Interactive Yoga Program for Multiple Sclerosis with individual coaching, weekly check-ins and more!

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Enrollment for this course/program Oct 1 cycle start date is closed.

For questions, please contact SCG Health: info@StreetCoachingGroup.com

This online program is a bootcamp program which includes everything that is in our Yoga for MS course. But in addition this program includes:

1. 4-45 minute individual online coaching sessions

2. 8 - small group online meetings and webinars

3. Weekly check-ins, weekly motivational tips, weekly health tips,

4. Discussion Forum inside the course with specific discussion topics for higher engagement and learning

The Bootcamp program cost is: $1055 full payment or $265/mo.

Your Instructor

Juanita Street
Juanita Street

Juanita Street is the President and executive coach with SCG Health. Juanita is a 200 hour certified Level 1 Yoga Instructor and has worked with students and clients teaching yoga classes and private yoga therapy sessions for the past twelve years. Juanita started her yoga practice working in a medical clinic in Centennial, Colorado, partnering with physicians and physician assistants in the treatment of patients and their chronic illnesses using yoga therapy, meditation and yogic breath therapy. Juanita also earned her MBA in Health Administration degree from University of Colorado Denver in 2010. She has coached clients on business, leadership, health, wellness and career since 2006. Juanita is passionate about self-improvement, health and wellness. Juanita loves the Colorado mountains and have made Denver her home. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, running 5k races - actually it's more like jogging at a turtle pace :-), yoga, martial arts, creative writing, and exploring all the foodie spots around Denver.

Class Curriculum

  Practice 3: Standing Poses
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Practice 4: Forward Bends
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Practice 5: Balance and Twists
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Practice 6: Back Bends
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Practice 8: Putting Everything Together
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need clearance from my physician to participate in this program?
Anytime you start an exercise program, even if it's a beginner and/or restorative yoga program, you will want to get clearance from your physician and/or neurologist before getting started.
When does the course start and finish?
This online bootcamp has specific start times. Enrollment for the October 1 cycle is currently closed. The course is 16 weeks in length (4 months). Students have lifetime access to the course and all course materials upon enrollment.
What is needed to take this course? (i.e. hardware, software, textbook, etc.)
SCG online courses are accessible on the computer, laptop, tablet, smartphones and smart TV. No software is needed - SCG is online. What is needed is a high speed internet connection for video playback. Also make sure your computer or laptop has the proper video drivers installed. There are no textbooks for the course. All the content is within the course. Make sure your laptop or computer has a webcam (for individualized online coaching with the instructor) and make sure you have a Smartphone and the free app, Voxer downloaded onto the smartphone (for weekly coaching with the instructor).
What is your Refund Policy?
SCG Health has a very strict refund policy. We do offer students refunds up to 30 days after enrollment. BUT - students must have at least tried to participate in the course. Meaning. Students must have completed sections of the course up to Week 4, and watched all of the videos (Presentations, Yoga Tutorials and Modification Videos) up to Week 4. If the student has participated in the course for the 2 to 4 weeks and decides they no longer wish to participate in the course, SCG Health will offer a full refund.
What materials do I need to take this course?
A computer or laptop with a webcam (for individual online coaching with the instructor) and a smartphone (to use the free app Voxer). Tablet and Smart TV are optional. A high speed internet connection for video playback. And a yoga mat, yoga block, yoga belt and a thick/dense foldable blanket. Also this is an interactive course. Download the free app, Voxer, on your smartphone to receive communication from your instructor.
How is the yoga taught in this online workshop? What are the different tools used to teach the course?
A combination of video instruction, presentation videos, modification videos, downloadable handouts, course content/text, weekly practice plans, 4-45 minute online coaching sessions, weekly checkups, weekly motivational and health tips, discussion forum and bi-weekly online live small group coaching.
Are the videos, course text and handouts downloadable?
The handouts are downloadable. The course text/content and videos are not.
How long does it take to complete the course?
The course is structured to be completed in 16 weeks (4 months). But students have lifetime access to the course upon enrollment. This online bootcamp is different from our other online courses. This course has a specific start date. The October 1 cycle enrollment is currently closed.
If I have any concerns or questions while taking the course, how do I contact the instructor?
Email Juanita: info@streetcoachinggroup.com and in the subject line write: Yoga for MS Course Question. You can also post questions on SCG Health's facebook page.
If someone has a recent injury or is recovering from surgery, can they take this course?
No. Even though the course is structured for therapeutic purposes, any stretches and/or yoga immediately following an injury and/or surgery can lead to further problems and additional injuries. Always consult your physician to make sure you are able to participate in a yoga course (even yoga courses that are restorative and therapeutic).
Is there a web browser that works better than another. I am having trouble logging into the course and using my Promo code.
Unfortunately not all web browsers work with our online courses. The best web browser to use is Chrome and Safari..
Can I receive a yoga teacher certification after taking this course?
No. This is not a teacher certification course.

This course is not open for enrollment.