Street Coaching Group

Want to live your best life? Improve your health and learn to empower that health for life? Street Coaching Group uses an integrative approach to empower individuals to take control of their health, their life and their happiness. SCG values lifestyle medicine, wellness, prevention, individualized programs and supportive life coaching. SCG uses tangible tools to manage pain, trauma and stress, and to achieve life success. Anyone, with the right tools, conducive learning environment and the right coach, can learn to improve and maintain their life and health.

Stress, Trauma and Pain Management

SCG offers individualized exercise and wellness therapy programs for stress management, pain management and healing from trauma. These programs are for those who are ready to move forward in getting healthy and are committed to learning the tools to manage stress, trauma and pain for life. Visit our Stress and Pain Management Programs page to learn more.

SCG Yoga Classes

SCG also offers yoga classes for individuals who may feel insecure and uncomfortable, or even intimidated by walking into a yoga class full of fit individuals who are experienced with yoga. Have you avoided learning and practicing yoga due to feeling insecure, and feeling limited by chronic and muscular pains? If so, our SCG Yoga Classes are for you. We provide a supportive environment to learn and embrace yoga. Our classes are for students who want to learn yoga step by step without judgments, competition or fear. We also offer private yoga lessons to help students get to a level where they are comfortable joining our yoga classes. Visit our Yoga Classes page to learn more.

Self-Empowerment Life Coaching

Partner with SCG Life Coach, Juanita to support you in finding your inner power. We all have an idea of what our best life would look like in terms of health, love, career, finances, spirituality, and family. In order to create the best life though, the most important relationship we must work on first, is the relationship we have with ourselves. SCG Self-Empowerment Life Coaching uses a combination of life coaching, exercise, yoga, wellness, and art therapies to help individuals realize their inner power and help each individual move forward into the life they have always dreamt of living.   Visit our Life Coaching page to learn more.

SCG is committed to coaching individuals to live their best life, and to  help you improve your health, manage stress and pain, and maintain health and happiness for life. If you are ready to move forward, contact, Juanita Street at 720-985-6424 or email to learn more about how we can support you in your goals.

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